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EXTRAORDINARY FINISHED Stambe polished to perfection every inch of every produc exudes graxe and sophistication These specialist applications not only demonstrate its extraordinary resistance to rust but also its reliability HIGHER STANDARD 1. 00mm 304SS Lid Stainless steel lid are oven safe up to 500F/260″C ERGONOMIC AND INNOVATIVE DESIGN Ergonomic stainless steel for safe handling 201/202 stainless steel casted

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    Stambe polita omni perfectione dis exit omnis inch graxe ruditatis et
    hi resistunt rubiginem artifex usus singulari modo probare sed etiam fidem eius

    Publilius Syrus
    1. 304SS Lid 00mm
    Aliquam ferro tutam operculo in clibano usque 500F / CCLX "C


    Ergonomic et exporters in
    Ergonomic immaculatam ferro, quia salvum pertractatio
    201/202: intacta ferro casted

    A5, A6

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