The expertly designed lid is built to withstand rusting, as well as utilising air-tight technology to securely seal in moisture.
This combined with our inner circulatory system allows for cooking with minimal additional water.

Our steel is drawn from the highest quality sources and is used in the construction of ships and medical apparatus. These specialist applications not only demonstrate its extraordinary resistance to rust but also its reliability. The best tools for the best hands.

The body of our product is made from type 316 Stainless Steel.

The refining process is markedly different from that of the standard stainless steel found in most kitchen products and involves the even distribution of heat.

Our product’s lid is made from type 304 Stainless Steel.

Polished to perfection. 

Every inch of every product exudes grace and sophistication.

Experience for yourself the exquisite elegance of Stambé, and allow us to 

accompany you on your unique culinary journey.

Using the latest technology to carefully craft your product,

we’ve ensured that every inch follows our philosophy of simplicity, 

efficiency and above all excellence.

Frying pan